Monday, June 11, 2012

Adam Engel : Liar tries to cover his tracks with "Literary" Drivel

I'm writing this because I'm sick of having to tolerate the bold self-serving lies of literary "star" [shines exclusively from his publisher Oliver Arts Press', promotions?]

(Chief Editor is allegedly a retired writing teacher, yet for that, is certainly a blow-hard. Even when the subject is of such utmost importance, can't Eric Larsen be succinct?

Professor Larsen is said to hail from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Noteworthy background: same school as math teacher / actor Gary Welz )

Now to ex-housemate ADAM ENGEL: "Suicide is a selfish, wasteful act...unless you take someone with you" is the subtitle of  his blog banner.


No need to prove anything or go any farther: he advertises he is for killing people. (cf: security issues and how to red flag / spot a potential psycho.... But read down to the emails he sent our group about me, to be sure.)

From his Blog   "A D A M     E N G E L" 

"Eye wandered, rested, entered a bar of sorts, all sorts, and sat. One such sort entranced and enchanted, effused rich musk of lure for both her being and her telling, her priceless telling, telling, re-telling, in the way of Pain and Loss, vernacular of consequence, dialect of repetition, repetition, speech-tick sign to others, to oneself, that this tale, the My-Tale, evidence of Self, bears repeating, for it is imperative for all to understand, as all must explain, each in his turn, that this all, all of this all always repeated, cannot be understood,"

[Can't be understood since the truth is shameful?; so "understanding" / acknowledgment is denied.]

"for anyone who could understand, would know, if anyone could, but no one did, that these had been, or should have been, lives without consequence, lives that should have been, should indeed still be, continued, extant, driven by Time if not events — “No more drama, please!” cry The Citizens — for it was all, all of it, this consequence, these consequences of each and all, so unnecessary, so… meaningless, ridiculous really, so absurd and undeserving of this deep consideration and reconsideration– unto what? death?"

 [All our lives should be "meaningless" since we're "The Citizens" ( However, PARERGA will tell you... it's the digression which are important! The flavor is in the experience, rather than the goal)  ]

"— for really truly honestly: when viewed in pull-back, the Big Picture,"


"by the aways all-seeing CosmicEye, really, truly, what harm, relative to all that’s said and done and suffered under the gaze of Cosmic Eye,s actually done? What? What harm? What? "

- Adam Engel

Adam is really a GREAT writer. Check out the poison pens he sent out against me to our housemates. I did not meet him through research work, but he came from an ad our collective had out there (Craig's list) for housemates.

This is the harm done...... Adam Engel attacked my house mates because we were withholding rent from the landlord. Adam was getting 15% for his "collection" activities.

Here is the email he sent out to our house mate list after Adam renounced our Non - Violence policy and after Adam decided he no longer wanted to abide by decisions made by consensus - both of which were the terms and the conditions under which he was allowed, permitted and invited to join our collective.

I forgot to mention. Adam Engel is very arrogant. That's why above, in the excerpt from his Blog , he modestly calls:  A D A M   E N G E L ,  he makes out that the "Little People" are supposed to have lives of very little consequences and with little or no meaning. and full of pain.

More sexual harassment-style verbal violence from Adam Engel. The liar claims I made incest with my son, whom Adam Engel, gratefully, does not know.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Adam Engel <>
Date: Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 12:53 PM
Subject: Re: [Surreal Estate] Re: Package - Part 2
To: Marg Uerite <>
Cc: Frank K. <>,


I already TOLD you I took the $800 and blew it on toyz n' lube so Frank (the pussy; no answer to my quite reasonable request) could finish the job.  Are you mad cause I didn't include you?  I'm sure Frank will be happy to blow his poison spunk into your face too, but you have Sid to pine for, Sid who you made vicious -- just ask yer daughter-in-law.  She doesn't want your sticky incestuous fingers to touch her husband ever again.  Or so I've been told -- by YOU, so the information is bound to be suspect.

Tonight, when you go to bed with your vibrator, the only real lover you've ever had, besides your son, and fantasize about Sid, try not to scream do damned loud when you cum.  The neighbors are starting to complain.

Here's another one, where he lies again. Even more viciously. What ticked him off? He liked getting money from the landlord being the "collector" of rent. He fancied himself a crime enforcer a la the Mafia - having lived as a youth in an organized crime dominated neighborhood.

From: Adam Engel <>
Date: Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 12:36 PM
Subject: Re: [Surreal Estate] Re: Package - Part 2
To: Marg Uerite <>
Cc: Frank K. <>,

Gee, with all this criminal activity, why didn't yer friends in blue just put me away, you deranged twat?  Why do the "boys at the station" refer to you merely as the "crazy woman upstairs?"

It's okay, Marg Uerite.  We understand that you couldn't help but drive your son mad (I heard he ran to 13-1 cause he couldn't stand your forcing him to kneel and lick yer rancid coot every morning he was here, but I'm sure that's just hear-say).  

We FEEL for you, all alone up there, getting death threats from your son's wife and your son so grossed out by your hag existence that he made damn sure you -- and yer coot -- wouldn't be there to spoil his wedding.

We UNDERSTAND your not wanting the building to get the ImD number cause it'll mean your immediate eviction. 

But really, why make such a fuss?  Not to smart to call the cops on a gang of bikers -- and the cops are getting pretty annoyed too.  And what the hell are you doing down there with all yer stanky creepy pals causing no end of mischief?  

You are a card, and do provide amusement, but after a while the joke wears off.  

Troubled? Annoyed?  Deranged?  

Just dial 9/11....

And why are you cc'ing that con-man/coward/thief Frank?  Are you THAT desperate for friends and "supporters?"  

They'll come for you soon.  That's obvious.  You'll get the help you need.  Or at least be removed from the vicinity, which will cause many people no end of good cheer.



It turned out my reading of the law was correct and we did not owe rent. The law is clear and was decided last week in the appellate Court of King's County. If a landlord is not compliant with the Loft Law time-tables, the owner of the building is not empowered to collect rent:

From my Twitter , of yesterday....
Loft Tenant wins / No one believed me! [Statae]
 judge can read law. No compliance, No Rent. Overturned lower [housing court ] judges ruling.

P.S. Good - luck with the "privacy" claims, Adam. The cure for Libel is FREE SPEECH.

(P.S.S. One correction: it was not the Appellate Court, but rather the Statae
Court of Appeals that made the decision, the highest court in the state,
overturning the Appellate Court.)

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