Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tongue in Cheek "Labor Rat" Icon at "Lever Bros." Building.

Friday, July 5, 2013

New York Lies

Claim of the lying NYTimes is that the interchange between Weiner and Adam Weissman was "lightly edited"
Adam Weissman's reply to the Times:

Dear Editor:

I was the "young man in the green shirt" referenced in "Weiner to Heckler: ‘Take a Hike’. (7/4/13). Apparently, "lightly edited" is a euphemism for selectively presenting one side of a conversation. Notably absent are the first few minutes of the exchange - where I present my view. The point in the conversation included here is largely after I'd finished speaking and Weiner was responding - thus removing almost entirely the substance of my comments. Absent from the account was the main thrust of my criticism of Weiner - that his sarcastic response to Sal Albanese calling him out on his Iraq War vote - he suggested that since he wouldn't be invading Yonkers as mayor, his Iraq vote was a nonissue - demonstrated a total lack of remorse and a failure to accept responsibility for a vote for an unnecessary war that cost more that killed between 100,000 and 1,000,000 Iraqis and cost more US lives than the 9/11 attacks. I commented on that the fact that Weiner thinks he can evade responsibility for this vote by cracking jokes demonstrates that he "lacks the moral compass and the judgement to be mayor of this city" and asked if the families who lost their sons and daughters in Iraq would find this joke humorous. A clearly rattled and angry Weiner then loudly asked what I'd done for the troops, to which I responded that I protested the war he voted for from the very beginning. A more balanced article might have also mentioned the nods of approval from some in the crowd, accompanied by comments like "I agree with you." But then, I suppose given the Times' own role in beating the drums of war leading up to the invasion of Iraq, it has a vested interest in painting other members of the elite liberal establishment who supported that war in 2002 in a positive light.

Adam Weissman
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