Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Flatbush and Willowby Soil Givaway Until Oct. 6 6PM

There is tons and tons of topsoil for the taking. These images do not do justice to the amount which is here.

Girl From U.N.C.L.E. / and the UN cola, 7-up

UN - cle 

UN - Cola
Girl from UN - Cle

"Here Comes the UN"
"69" is the MOON signt

Follow the [s]UN

Woman in RED

WITH the 21 WORLD / WHIRLED symbol
Links to Whirling Electric Tree of Life


Who played Veronica Lake in "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"
And who I know would appreciate this.
Peace be with you, Cheryl.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Science Set Free" Sheldrake Gnosticism N' Sync?

According to what I am learning of the Gnostic Doctrine, when the Universal Soul or "ParaBrahman"  enters/ descends into to world matrix there is a functionality involved wherein the Shell - material world - is created from the excretion (pearl - maybe I'm getting my metaphors mixed here) , discarded portion / waste material which accrues as a result of the crystallization / solidification of consciousness.

Excuse me if I am elaborating on this through the lens of "Kashmir Shaivism" since that is my tradition. According to the Kashmiri philosophers from whom my Guru claimed descent, creation is a series of materializations through successive strata of density. And what appears to us as concrete is simply the furthest density of "materialization" of consciousness

Jason Barrera , pointed me to a great commentary via podcast on the gnostic "Acts of Thomas" "Hymn of the Pearl"  
 Podcast Here.
Writing as ElElith, on "The Mask of God" website, and elsewhere Jason has been highlighting the theme in his particular "monomyth" envolving - metaphorically, since this is reading the narrative as if a code or script - the death of a female. The female is supposed to represent what Stella Kramrisch would called the " plenum of the uncreated"

Recently I obtained the newest book of Rupert Sheldrake, called "Science Set Free" 
"Science Set Free" makes a groundwork for the logical and evidentiary acceptance
of a new paradigm for world structure / Knowledge.

In Dr. Sheldrake's introduction he recapitulates the work of his lifetime.

Among Sheldrake's accomplishments is the discovery that human cellular life re-enacts the drama "Elelith" Jason Barrera has been pointing to with his symbolic interpretations of history and pop culture.

 Philip K. Dick motif :
during Dick's Valis phase:
 his dead twin sister is charged with metaphorical energies.
His actual dead twin became essential in the cosmology Dick constructed 

which was after his "metanoia" experience of early 1974.

An early discovery / hypothesis of Rupert Sheldrake, as he describes it in his new book.

Re: The primary source Gnostic Literature?

Apparently those documents are authentic.
 The Gospels we all count on and think of as "THE GOSPELS"
were written by the "Romans"
/ the "State"
to deflect the Jews in their rebellion against Rome.
That's why you've got
 "turn the other cheek"
"give unto Caesar what is Caesar's"

 One more hoax.
You can add that to the "Gunpowder Plot" the  "Oswald saga of JFK" "
The Big Lie Hole murderous Hoax" "The Central Bank Scam" and numerous others

Cross - Reference to
the Abyssmal 23

Information on the creation of the historical Jesus by Romans:
Joseph Atwill, Fritz Heede & Nijole Sparkis - Hour 1 - The Roman to Invent Jesus

Joseph Atwill interview – “Caesar’s Messiah – The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus”

Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Abysmal 23

the trigram above – KEN – Keeping Still, Mountain
the trigram below – K’UN – the Receptive, Earth

The Abysmal

from The I Ching or Book of Changes by Richard Wilhelm, Cary F. Baynes, Hellmut Wilhelm and C. G. Jung

The dark lines are about to mount upward and overthrow the last firm, light line by exerting a disintegrating influence on it. The inferior, dark forces overcome what is superior and strong, not by direct mens, but by undermining it gradually and imperceptibly, so that it finally collapses.
The lines of the hexagrams present the image of a house, the top line being the roof, and because the roof is being shattered the house collapses. The hexagram belongs to the ninth month (October – November). The yin power pushes up ever more powerfully and is about to supplant the yang power altogether.


It does not further one
To go anywhere.

This pictures a time when inferior people are pushing forward and are about to crowd out the few remaining strong and superior men. Under these circumstances, which are due to the time, it is not favorable for the superior man to undertake anything.

The right behavior in such adverse times is to be deduced from the images and their attributes.

The lower trigrams stands for the earth, whose attributes are docility and devotion. The upper trigram stands for the mountain, whose attribute is stillness. This suggests that one should submit to he bad time and remain quiet. For it is a question not of man’s doing but of time conditions, which, according to the laws of heaven, show an alternation of increase and decrease, fullness and emptiness. It is impossible to counteract these conditions of the time. Hence it is not cowardice but wisdom to submit and avoid action.

The mountain rests on the earth:
Thus those above can ensure their position
Only by giving generously to those below.

The mountain rests on the earth. When it is steep and narrow, lacking a broad base, it must topple over. Its position is strong only when it rises out of the earth broad and great, not proud and steep. So likewise those who rule rest on the broad foundation of the people. They too should be generous and benevolent, like the earth that carries all. Then they will make their position as secure as a mountain is in its tranquility.

Six at the beginning means:
The leg of the bed is split.
Those who persevere are destroyed.
Inferior people are on the rise and stealthily begin their destructive burrowing from below in order to undermine the place where the superior man rests. Those followers of the ruler who remains loyal are destroyed by slander and intrigue. The situation bodes disaster, yet there is nothing to do but wait.
Six in the second place means:
The bed is split at the edge.
Those who persevere are destroyed.
The power of the inferior people is growing. The danger draws close to one’s person; already there are clear indications, and rest is disturbed. Moreover, in this dangerous situation one is as yet without help or friendly advances from above or below. Extreme caution is necessary in this isolation. One must adjust to the time and promptly void the danger. Stubborn perseverance in maintaining one’s standpoint would lead to downfall.
Six in the third place means;
He splits with them. No blame.
An individual finds himself in an evil environment to which he is committed by external ties. But he has an inner relationship with a superior man, and through this he attains the stability to free himself from the way of the inferior people around him. This brings him into opposition to them of course, but that is not wrong.
Six in the fourth place means:
The bed is split up to the skin.
Here the disaster affects not only the resting place but even the occupant. No warning or other comment is added. Misfortune has reached its peak: it can no longer be warded off.
Six in the fifth place means:
A shoal of fishes. Favor comes through the court ladies.
Everything acts to further.
here, in immediate proximity to the strong, light-giving principle at the top, the nature of the dark force undergoes a change. It no longer opposes the strong principle by means of intrigues but submits to its guidance. indeed, as the head of the other weak lines, it leads all of these to the strong line, just as a princess leads her maids-in-waiting like a shoal of fishes to her husband and thus gains his favor. Inasmuch as the lower element thus voluntarily places itself under the higher, it attains happiness and the higher also receives its due. Therefore all goes well.
Nine at the top means:
There is a large fruit still uneaten.
The superior man receives a carriage.
The house of the inferior man is split apart.
Here the splitting apart reaches its end. When misfortune has spent itself, better times return. The seed of the good remains, and it is just when the fruit falls to the ground that good sprouts anew from its seed. The superior man again attains influence and effectiveness. He is supported by public opinion as if in a carriage. But the inferior man’s wickedness is visited upon himself. His house is split apart. A law of nature is at work here. Evil is not destructive to the good alone but inevitably destroys itself s well. For evil, which lives solely by negation, cannot continue to exist on its own strength alone. The inferior man himself fares best when held under control by a superior man.