Thursday, October 4, 2012

"Science Set Free" Sheldrake Gnosticism N' Sync?

According to what I am learning of the Gnostic Doctrine, when the Universal Soul or "ParaBrahman"  enters/ descends into to world matrix there is a functionality involved wherein the Shell - material world - is created from the excretion (pearl - maybe I'm getting my metaphors mixed here) , discarded portion / waste material which accrues as a result of the crystallization / solidification of consciousness.

Excuse me if I am elaborating on this through the lens of "Kashmir Shaivism" since that is my tradition. According to the Kashmiri philosophers from whom my Guru claimed descent, creation is a series of materializations through successive strata of density. And what appears to us as concrete is simply the furthest density of "materialization" of consciousness

Jason Barrera , pointed me to a great commentary via podcast on the gnostic "Acts of Thomas" "Hymn of the Pearl"  
 Podcast Here.
Writing as ElElith, on "The Mask of God" website, and elsewhere Jason has been highlighting the theme in his particular "monomyth" envolving - metaphorically, since this is reading the narrative as if a code or script - the death of a female. The female is supposed to represent what Stella Kramrisch would called the " plenum of the uncreated"

Recently I obtained the newest book of Rupert Sheldrake, called "Science Set Free" 
"Science Set Free" makes a groundwork for the logical and evidentiary acceptance
of a new paradigm for world structure / Knowledge.

In Dr. Sheldrake's introduction he recapitulates the work of his lifetime.

Among Sheldrake's accomplishments is the discovery that human cellular life re-enacts the drama "Elelith" Jason Barrera has been pointing to with his symbolic interpretations of history and pop culture.

 Philip K. Dick motif :
during Dick's Valis phase:
 his dead twin sister is charged with metaphorical energies.
His actual dead twin became essential in the cosmology Dick constructed 

which was after his "metanoia" experience of early 1974.

An early discovery / hypothesis of Rupert Sheldrake, as he describes it in his new book.

Re: The primary source Gnostic Literature?

Apparently those documents are authentic.
 The Gospels we all count on and think of as "THE GOSPELS"
were written by the "Romans"
/ the "State"
to deflect the Jews in their rebellion against Rome.
That's why you've got
 "turn the other cheek"
"give unto Caesar what is Caesar's"

 One more hoax.
You can add that to the "Gunpowder Plot" the  "Oswald saga of JFK" "
The Big Lie Hole murderous Hoax" "The Central Bank Scam" and numerous others

Cross - Reference to
the Abyssmal 23

Information on the creation of the historical Jesus by Romans:
Joseph Atwill, Fritz Heede & Nijole Sparkis - Hour 1 - The Roman to Invent Jesus

Joseph Atwill interview – “Caesar’s Messiah – The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus”

Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus

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