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For the Record : PARASITE author Stephen Boyer slanders me today.

For the Record : PARASITE author Stephen Boyer slanders Me today.

I just want to make a statement for the record... A person Stephen Boyer, who I allowed to stay in my loft / home for over 6 months is now making untrue claims about me; today he said I threatened him, when I most definitely did not.

(in Bushwick , I've found from previous experience, even a personal death threat is not taken seriously by the police - at least when we *were death threatened a few years ago - nothing was done )

That be, as it may. I never threatened him.. FWIW..

He's either delusional or a seriously convincing less than candid informant and speaker of un-truths. He was very cruel to me as soon as he found out I was serious about not wanting him in my Loft.. Nothing personal.. , but I needed the room. He claims he has my threats against him on tape .. Show me!

I knew the man was someone who sometimes spoke in exaggeration to put himself in a good light  - I've caught him in several , less than candid moments, over the months.. I've been telling him I needed him to be out by March 23rd. . I notified him six months ago; as soon as I realized he could not be permanent as a house mate.

He claimed he would have a trial period of two months to see if it worked out and that he would help me four hours per week - which he never did. The trial period didn't work out, but he didn't leave.

He claimed I notified him every other day, by text, of his deadline of March 23rd.

which is an exaggeration to the point of utter untruth.. I reminded him all of twice.. I left him alone about it, since I figured he was an adult.

He claimed he gave me $200 for an electric bill.

Not true for any given month.

He never gave me more than 60 or 80 - his share, per month.

He claimed he spent hours getting me ready for a Tarot Reading Event (un - requested BTW)

An exaggeration - he spent 20 minutes at the most.

He assured me he didn't want to live here and was trying to move, yet he told a mutual acquaintance that he wasn't going to leave..He also had his friend staying here with him all the time, which I generously gave my permission for. (I actually do like his friend and feel a bit sorry his friend has gotten himself involved with someone I consider quite cruel.) . His friend can't come back as of today. It's for legal reasons, nothing personal.. I actually prefer his friend to him.

After he broke my computer - wiped the hard drive, promised he would retrieve the data - and then went back on the promise - I told him, again, he must leave ASAP. But to be on the nice side I would give him until March 23rd before I would , by necessity, get a Marshall., a sheriff, to make him leave..if he did not leave sooner

..So I gave him loads of time to find a place to go!. And since he apparently did not do that, I had to serve him papers and will have to get a judge's order and then a marshal, if he continues to stay.

Which I finally started the long process of doing.

Apparently, to his big surprise.. Now he's threatening to counter - sue me ... for "abuse"?

I told him to go ahead, though I *never abused him..

I let him stay at my place as a guest for over six months and he had no respect for me when I asked him to leave many months ago now. And he had no respect for breaking my things, claiming that he is going to give money for it - not going through with the payment, i.e. keeping his word, and then accusing *me of making money off of *him

Anyway, for the record, as far as I can tell, the man gurgitates unremitting and unrepentant exaggerations. And claims I'm abusing him, when I allowed him to live at my place as a guest over the winter... He likes to play "poor me" / the victim, as I see it, and maybe has mental health issues? Who knows?... But he's such a charming personality, when he wants to be, and "drama queen" - with large numbers of folks suckering into his sad stories (as I did) .. its necessary I call attention to his claim I abused him, which is totally untrue, here and now... For The Record.

Just a coincidence his book is called "Parasite?"

More on the professional victim "Parasite" "Bad News" ex - friend... In court today.

He's libeling me on Facebook. He even, so he told the Court's Attourney, went behind my back to the owner of the building and the neighbors with his complaints about me? So he claimed..

I'm not exactly a "landlord." It's not like I'm renting out property I own, for profit. He living with me, in my space... And he's thinks he's entitled to continue... And I'm the oppressor, according to his "Occupy Wall St." Anarchist, (either put - on or actual delusion), for not letting him live with me - for nothing.

Not only did I not swindle him , I let him stay at my Loft for 6 months rent free... He said we would be on a trial basis for 2 months, that did not work out, and he said he would find a new place and leave... That was in August 2013.

He affirmed several times that was going to leave, and when I reminded him that I had told him initially he had six months to find a new place and if he didn't get a place by then , I would have to get a Marshall to evict him, he got really angry and hostile and attacked me to my son, trying to make me look like a fool / (and told an untruth), claiming I text-ed him every other day with that message. He also claimed to my face that I texted him "every other day" about the matter... I knew I hadn't. Was he trying to "gaslight" me , or what?

Everything was fine , as far as he was concerned, including not paying me, as he promised, for breaking my computer - which I had lent him...and it was fine with him, to complain (in error) to my son, and to my neighbor also, that I cheated him on the electric bill , when I did not.

That is , of course, 'til I gave him notice , in writing, that he had to leave... then I became this disgusting person, who he couldn't stand, and who was seemingly the most terrible person on Earth; If you could believe his stories and emotional presentation.

Only when I moved to make him leave, after six months warning - I had told him and we had a standing agreement for over six month - only after he got the written notice, did I become the bad person. Before that he lived with me, for free, very happily.

I did not take money from him - because I expected and wanted for him to leave. Also, he was my friend. And I thought I would give him a gift of a free place to stay for 6 months - or until he left, which he insisted he wanted to do.

Now he claimed I stalk him: , telling the Courts Attorney he needs a restraining order against me.. Saying I follow him to his poetry readings to spread nasty rumors about him - which is strictly false.

He claims he went to the owners of the building with his complaints about me.

And he claimed he wanted a restraining order against me , as thought I was a danger to him.

When he asked for the restraining order, the Court Attorney just said, "Just leave, if she is a danger to you."

Anyway, I have to write this all out since I can't let his accusation that I "swindled" him stand , publicly ,without a reply. My impression is that he is just immature and feels the need to wreak revenge. Perhaps he has a built up anger store and just lets it discharge on me since I'm not giving him what he wants?

But really, he has thousands of friends and followers in the poetry and literary world and I really can't let his accusation against me stand without my denial; And I consider his actions against me libel.. I believe he does slander me too.

Also, when he kept insisting he had paid me rent... The Judge just said " She doesn't want you there. You have to leave. This isn't about rent. "

Now I am a member of the oppression class since I won't let him live with me.

How many people want to take him in? Is he *my responsibility ? I think I did my part in sheltering "Bad News" poets, for nothing.. It was my charitable activity... for someone I thought was a friend. OMG was I conned..

I call him "Bad News" because I thought he was my friend, let him into my "house" and he turned on me and my family in a way all of us would characterize as vicious. And I am actually afraid of him, since he was , to my ken, totally unpredictable. He is very adroit in his presentation of the world, as he sees it, and apparently "believes his own PR" and in that, he is super convincing to others. That's why I felt the need to reply to what he has written publicly about me.

Still funny his book is called "Parasite." You bring him into your home , then he tries to move in for good[ went to the Loft tenants meeting to see what his rights to my Loft were ] ; tries to get you in trouble with the owners and the neighbors, and his Facebook crowd.

 But a parasite only sucks ur blood. It does it to live... Stephen didn't need to hurt me by trying to turn my family and friends against me.

I assume it was just for revenge [for asking him to leave?] and not because he actually needed my blood to live..  And it was a discharged of pent up anger?..and I got to be the lightening rod.?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friend gave me this photo "In case any thing happens to me" It did...

  • friend worked in INternal Affairs of police dept and told people they wanted him dead... He was a character witness in a medical marijuana case for the defendant and the dept turned against him.. He also was friends with Norm Seigal, which didn't help.. he was a lawyer and police officer.. And maybe FBI . Here he is on the right .. Told me to keep this image if anything happened to himm And it did. - -

  • Tomxxxx How about some facts, Pearl? Does the friend have a name? What police department? What state? What MMJ case? What does this have to do with the OP?
  • Pearl Chanter John William Perry; NYC , New York , unsure of the medical marijuana case number , name and date - never looked into that ; just the notion the "Office of Internal Affairs" itself is itself ~corrupt.. John disappeared on 9/11 ; the day he retired from the police force to join a lucrative job with a private law firm... His body was allegedly found at the bottom of the "Big Lie Hole" 6 months later in completely pristine condition.

  • Tom xxx Why would it be suspicious to find a dead body of a cop under the collapsed WTC?
  • Pearl Chanter I thought about it ; why would he be at the bottom of the hole after they dug it out? Why would his body have not a mark... totally pristine ; his Dad's a doc and is the only person to have allegedly ID the body.. said it was queer... Never seen anything like it.. And also, I never said that part of the story was necessarily suspicious.. you did... lol I was just telling it.
  • Pearl Chanter wouldn't they find it in the process of digging the hole out.. ? Not at the end? Also, very few , if any, bodies were actually found there.

  • Tom xxxx Don't play both sides of the fence. Do you think it is suspicious?

  • TomxxxI cannot speak as to why his body was intact, but that in and of itself is not particularly troubling. People below grade when the building collapsed were more likely to have had their bodies found intact or somewhat intact.
  • Pearl Chanter I'm very scientific and "agnostic" . I don't usually jump to conclusions.. Also everyone has to see things for themselves... I don't have to give them my conclusions... What was suspicious definitely was the image he gave.. Some 6 months earlier - where he said "If anything happens to me , keep this picture " - - not to over-communicate, but it shows him in jungle fatigues in front of an FBI [training?] office.
  • Pearl Chanter Tom, as you may or may not realize , I've spent over 10 K + hours i.e. over years by now, studying / investigating / thinking about - the 9/11 event.. 

    As you may or may not know there are a large number of researchers and political groups who study m
    any facets of the "9/11" "moment" And yes, the fact John was allegedly found at the bottom , as all the clearing out of the site was ended... Yes, that says something.. I also interviewed his partner of that day - etc etc... I'm not going to bore you with details and my conclusions [for what they are worth ] since I know you will not believe me . And it won't do any good. It won't help you... You have to see it for yourself ; do your own work... "Me telling you" isn't going to "do it."
  • Pearl Chanter Can you give examples or names of folks whose bodies were found intact..? Or is that an assumption - garnered from ... ?

    I spoke confidentially to "first responders" and most especially firefighters - (who have a gag order on them) - and no bodies were found there.. They were only found on the perimeter.
  • Pearl Chanter First responders , on "the pile " were not allowed to speak to anyone... Journalists were not allowed there.
  • Pearl Chanter John was said by his partner to have been above grade when the North Tower [1st one to "be hit " - suffer an explosion, 2nd one to disintegrate] dustified. - -

    Originally titled " Totovader Ignores the Evidence" by bsregistration. The telev...See More

  • Tomxxxx Why do you always state your conclusions and expect people to accept them on blind faith? I would be very much interested in hearing FACTS like what his partner had to say. You state that you don't want to bore me with details? Who do you think you are dealing with? I LIVE for the bloody details!!!

  • Tomxxxx NYFD FF Vincent Kane's body was found mostly intact. He was in the lobby of the North Tower when it came down. Moreover, the underground of the WTC was much like a bomb shelter and it is well-known that there were voids underground after the collapse where people were buried alive.
  • Pearl Chanter Well the partner said he [believed] John was behind him as he walked out of the North Tower immediately before the Tower dustified.. He was surprised when he discovered John was not behind him... They were both in the Lobby, according to the partner.

  • Tomxxx So then there is eyewitness testimony placing him at the WTC on 9/11. Its not like he was killed offsite and someone dumped his body there much later. Your original comment suggested that that was your suspicion.
  • Pearl Chanter Was Kane found at the bottom of the hole? Ya! I know the underground was not damaged... That is also evidence! The Mall in the sub - basment was intact..

  • Tomxxx So please identify the conspiracy here. Did 19 Saudis fly 2 737s into the Twin Towers to kill an NYPD police officer for giving testimony in some unnamed MMJ trial?
  • Pearl Chanter You mis - represent my point of view in an attempt to make fun of me.. This is why I did not want to share with you.
    2 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Pearl Chanter To directly quote James Jesus Angleton - head of the CIA at the time of the JFK murder " "There were many rooms in the mansion. I was not privy to who struck John." 

    John Perry was obviously not killed by the destruction of the Tower if his body was 
    found under everything , under all the detritus, at the very end of the clean - up, at the very bottom of the pit, with not a scratch on it... as went the story I am supposed to swallow.. And I will not swallow it because he was my friend.
  • Pearl Chanter It would be disloyal to the dead to give into that poppy - cock.

  • Tomxxxx You allow me to do so by failing to clearly state what you ARE saying. You leave it to me to fill in the blanks and speculate on what it is that you are trying to say. Also, you should reflect on your own behavior which assumes everyone won't believe you and which withholds facts BECAUSE of your assumption.

  • Tomxxxx You apparently have no evidence of how John Perry was killed, except that he was found in a hole under the collapsed North Tower, which strongly suggests he was killed in the collapse regardless of how intact his body was and that he was found at the bottom of a hole. BTW I do not even understand how it would be suspicious to find his body at the bottom of a hole. Moreover, why would anyone want him dead? Answer that!!.
  • Pearl Chanter Well he told people the police dept did. He worked for them.. And from the photo it also looks as though he worked for the FBI .
  • Pearl Chanter