Friday, March 22, 2013

Oh-PEAR-eL present Radio8Ball and Guests at Performance Art Festival Brooklyn July 16th, 2013

My ex - housemate Esther Neff might be the one who invented the concept for this "International Performance Art Festival" to be held in the coming month of July 2013, in my general neighborhood around: Bushwick Brooklyn., East Williamsburg.

She believes and has faith it will be self - organizing. That is the plan. I told her about your work and she said you qualified as "Performance Art"

 I have reserved July 16th from 5 AM to 12 midnight, which is a Tuesday.

All of the performances in the festival will run concurrently. So when your show is on, you will be the only show for the entire festival during those moments / hours.

I will curate in my own spaces and that of associates.

At this time I am the only curator for Surreal Estate, but I will bring others on board with me.

There are several Oracle related reasons why I have picked the date of 7 - 16:

IT was the day of the A - bomb at Alamogordo [Big Tree] New Mexico, "test"

( I guess there's cosmic sex connotations there. I'm looking at the Sync vid done by Will Morgan of your archetype attractors - and that might be [s]on[m]e resonance, I Just thought. Thinking of you making out with the blue -bodied person on the Silver Screen in the mash-up "Psycho Cinematic Analysis: )
The persona of the moment Connects with another blue - skinned person since Oppenheimer is said to have self - consciously and deliberately quoted "Krsna," alleged blue - skinned god, at the moment of the first A-bomb explosion saying:

"I have become Death, the destroyer of Worlds."

The date is also somehow connected to the cults of the young boy god "hermes" "attis" "mitras" "adonis" through the obscure mountain "hindu" / ancient middle eastern holiday "Herala" which typically takes place on that day.

"Herala" connects to "Arlington", cult of the dead.

And to the marriage of the Male and Female principle: Shiva and Shakti.

In western "hemaneutics," as much as can be gleaned from that, it would resonate the "Alchemical Marriage"

(Don't some depressive Gnostic interpreters claim when the two principles meet one has to die? Bleh.)

(I know you have already formally married yourself, but perhaps you need to re-establish your vows?!)

July 16, 2011 Was supposed to be the release date of the final movie of the two part final Harry Potter movie series. (changed to the 15th)

But the day July 16, 2010 was the Release date of movie "Inception" in the USA and elsewhere.

(Inception / dreams / apocalypse / the "Boy" , (wasn't the first A- bomb dropped "little boy?"))

Taking Morgan's video as a template - there's a plethora of Leo DiCaprio attractors around the un - spinning of the underground theme - story of your career.

"Beach is a Peach"
(I can't get tired of this video... This has *always been special to me. )
 ) by the G8ors.

"Inception," is about"dreams" also an important factor in your character / personality!

As I foresee it: You perhaps would show the Will Morgan Sync analysis vid created around your movie roles, to expand your persona for the audience and give context to who you are before your performance for the moment.

Do Radio 8 oracle with INNIS, or whomever?

I plan to set - up a streaming video for it - to have the show for an International audience, in real time.

Or however you conceive it. The complete month - long "Performance" began at the first meeting , which was in 2012.

All of the correspondence and documentation of the organizing is part of the larger "Performance" by the entire group of organizers and performers is being kept as a record, including this email.

The theme of the event is "collaboration" which fits perfectly with your work as an oracle reader and actor / musician.

I forsee you as an evening event , so as many people as possible could attend.

Unexpected things could happen, and that would be part of the performance / experience.
The event is going to require a lot of discipline, but I feel the spirit is with me.

There is a rare close Grand Trine (supposed to foretell good things) that night between

Moon / Saturn
 (in exact conjunction) ^
Neptune ^
the cluster:
Jupiter / Lillith [asteroid] / Mars
which are 3 - in  very close conj called a "Stellium" in astrology.

(What the heck is "Lillith?" Let's find out.)

(See attachment.)

As Ever,
Marg Verite

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