Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Hari Krsna" are Men

Seems all fundamentalist religious interpretations inhibit women from acting as freely as men.

I'll tell you what- I've got this book and I'm going to give it to you but you don't need to bother to read it because I'll give you my interpretation of it anyway and if you don't like the book or my interpretation I'll kill you. And death will be no release because after death you'll find a eternal lake of fire waiting for you. Have a nice day, god is love.
Sounds like the Hari Krsna's - they've been in the park chanting but never have any females from the group there - female lead singers. I remember from past visiting their place in Berkeley when it was falling a part ( the new guru was a gun nut and eventually arrested) The women were assigned all the work! It's scriptural, if that's how you want to interpret holy writing.  Every Fundamentalism is like that. Why? Why patriarchy?

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