Sunday, March 25, 2012

Swarm of Starlings

This image from Fall/November 2010 was taken in Central Park along the West Side, approx. 85th St. Both are the same image but one is a close up.

That winter became a very cold winter.
The image matched a few cuts from the film: 4:44

I incorporated these images in a posting on the Sychromysticism Forum of Nov. 28th 2010. I wrote about the Cremaster series of Matthew Barney and the movie "Drawing Restraint 9" again soon after I had seen that swarm, in the posting linked above. My first post on "Synchromysticism" was about the movie "Drawing Restraint 9"

This encounter with the swarm was a few days after seeing the first of the last two Harry Potter movies ( in which a Gold Bug type talisman featured prominently) and the "Unstoppable" 777 train with Denzel Washington (which connected to a rainbow / spectrum and to the Chrysler Building).

The movie 4:44 , about the ending of the world as we know it, had an image similar to the black bird swarm I documented in 2010. That movie, and the "Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock , were both movies with an underlying message of nature turning against the human.

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