Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SAW 3D " I CARE" We Saw" NYC 2012

Poster from SAWS 3D (opened Oct 29th, day of the Hurricaine in 2012, image recorded on Oct 28th) Shows Spiral on a trap, with the "W" in SAW like a TRIDENT. Next to it "New York Cares" poster defaced, and Next to it Hog covered in Ink looking at a poster of a LION. -

 There were lots of Syncs, back in the day, between Obama and that SAW character, JigSaw. 3D is also "ED" and was somhow connected to BI - CyCle , 33 and 11 - 11 LoL - -

Bicyle Jigsaw Puzzle

The Magus Tarot

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